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Goodbye My House, Part 5

April 16, 2014

Apartment life encourages regular use of reusable shopping bags

001A driveway and attached garage are true luxuries. I have come to realize this since moving from my house into an apartment. Gone are the days of driving into the garage, and easily transporting groceries into the kitchen.

You could say that I have been forced to do the right thing. The 50-foot walk to the building entrance, juggling grocery bags while maneuvering through two doors that have separate keys, then going back out for more, has made me return to an old habit that for some reason I abandoned a few years ago.

This habit is the reusable shopping bag. They have sturdy handles, and you can load them up so everything makes it in one trip. Better yet is that I am not contributing to the plastic grocery bag waste stream, which has become such a concern that many cities are banning them. (more…)

Looking In — and Out

April 11, 2014

Backyard deer-feeder adds unmatchable natural touch, felt throughout this home’s interior

026Porcelain tile flooring – one style for the kitchen and laundry room, another for the foyer and bathrooms  – offers clean lines and extreme durability.

It blends seamlessly with the hand-scraped, prefinished hardwood flooring, which has been used to replace carpet in the dining room.

Triexta carpet – made from corn-based fuel – softens the family room, which is filled with natural light, thanks to large windows there, and in the adjoining foyer.  Standing there, something tells you to look again, out of the double glass doors in the family room. (more…)

Goodbye My House, Part 4

March 31, 2014

After 15 years in a natural home, apartment life cannot include sending recycling out with the trash

IMG_2395Okay, this is over the top.

It is the year 2014, but the management of this apartment complex thinks it’s just fine for residents to send items that can be recycled out with the trash instead.

 Why? “Well, there is a fee for management to offer this service to its residents,” the customer service rep at Rumpke, our local trash collector, explains to me on the phone. “It’s hard to say what percentage, but some apartments do offer our services.” (more…)

A ‘Storie’ of Love

March 25, 2014

Designer Rosemary Storie found the perfect hardwood floor to showcase the furniture and artwork she loves

195“This is how you do it.” Rosemary Storie, an Anderson Township, OH, designer, never suggests that her clients spend a lot of money to accomplish logical goals. Instead, she shows them how to make use of simple objects, sometimes objects they already have.

Take, for example, the table in her newly remodeled kitchen. Storie, owner of Southern Interiors, made it from a planter she bought at a home center, then added a glass top.

“Creating the perfect aesthetic means thought and creativity, not necessarily running out and spending a lot of money,” Storie says. (more…)

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“There Is Always a Way”

YouTube Preview Image

Interface Flooring says it will achieve “Mission Zero” by 2020

In the beginning, even some experts said nylon carpet could not be recycled. Today, nylon recycling is booming. So are industry efforts toward carbon and water reduction. This video, from Interface Flooring, highlights some of the achievements, in addition to the company’s progress toward “Mission Zero.”

Hopefully, achievements like this can help industry leaders devise ways to recycle polyester (PET) carpet, which now accounts for 30 percent of discarded carpet that is headed for landfills. Learn more about this from the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).


April 5, 2014 See All Videos

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We Call It Gap Season

January 25, 2014

Wintertime’s dry air means special precautions for hardwood floors

030Q.  I had solid Red Oak select installed throughout my first floor last summer. It was sanded and  finished with low-VOC waterborne polyurethane on site. It was absolutely perfect.

But now that winter is here, there are spaces between the boards. Is it possible that I was sold inferior wood?

A. Gaps between floor boards are common in the wintertime. Your installer should have told you that you have to control the humidity in your home to prevent inordinate gapping. In fact, most hardwood manufacturers recommend maintaining your indoor environment at 40 to 60 percent humidity year-round. (more…)

Seam Scrutiny

June 3, 2013

Properly done, seams should not be an issue in linoleum installation

Forbo QA1Q. We are remodeling an older home and I was “sold” on Marmoleum, until I kept coming across questions about repairing seams which have buckled.

I want to use it in the bathroom floors, but I am really hesitant since reading all these questions about repairing the seams.

Have you had questions on this and/or how do you feel about using Marmoleum in the bathrooms?

Many thanks!

–  LM

Sequim, WA

A. Dear LM:

If you are using Marmoleum sheet goods that are installed by a contractor who is properly trained, you should have no problems with seams that need repair. (more…)

A Question of Cork Comfort

April 3, 2013

What do ceramic nano beads mean for softness underfoot?

 005Q. I am puzzled about the ceramic bead layers advertised as being part of the finish on Wicanders Cork Flooring. Does this add considerable hardness to the cork surface?  I’m seeing the comfort aspect of cork, and am actually replacing ceramic tile with the cork – so I don’t want to replace hard ceramic with hard ceramic!

A. The ceramic beads are crystals that are embedded in the layers of the UV- cured urethane finish that is topically applied at the plant during the final stages of the manufacturing process. These tiny microscopic particles do not add to the hardness of the cork, but rather to the long-term wear-ability of the finish. (more…)

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