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Joining the Revolution

August 18, 2014

KW Flooring companies start phasing in solar energy

003In 2011, Ohio ranked fifth in the nation for energy consumption in the industrial sector. In 2013, coal fueled 69 percent of the state’s electricity generation, nuclear energy contributed 12 percent, and natural gas accounted for 15 percent.

All the while, on bright, sunny days, the sun was giving off about 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet’s surface. Collecting that energy with photovoltaic arrays to power our homes and offices is still seen by many as a great option that they cannot afford to invest in. But others see it as something that cannot afford to wait.

“We have to be concerned about energy efficiency if we are concerned about the planet,” Ken Weisbacher, president of KW Flooring says. “That’s why we now have this technology at two of our busiest facilities, and are considering it for additional locations.” (more…)

It’s About Time

June 4, 2014

Carpet padding can now be held to the same standard as carpet for indoor-air quality

green-labelAt last, a moment many of us have been waiting for has arrived.  A testing program is now available for carpet padding that will actually ensure it does not emit unhealthful levels of chemicals.

A lot of people think we already have this through the CRI Green Label program for testing pad.  But the CRI Green Label Plus program that is used for carpet is far more stringent, and soon, we will be able to look for this label on carpet padding, too.

The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) and the Carpet Cushion Council announced earlier this week that the Green Label Plus program is being opened up to pad manufacturers.

 “This offers cushion manufacturers the opportunity to qualify their products according to these more stringent standards and provide additional assurance for consumers concerned about indoor-air quality or potential VOC emissions,” a CRI spokesman told TalkFloor. (more…)

The Problem with PET: Update

June 1, 2014

Engineer hired to develop markets for recycled polyester carpet

Mohawk Plastic BottlesIf you have recently purchased polyester (PET) carpet like 35 percent of today’s carpet consumers, there may be a way to recycle it by the time you’re ready to replace it.

Unlike nylon carpet, few uses currently exist for recycled PET, made from recycled plastic bottles. So, recycling collectors have no place to send it while 30 percent of discarded carpet heading for landfills is PET.

“The economics of PET are quite different versus nylon,” says Dr. Robert Peoples, executive director of the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).  “The price of virgin nylon is high enough to allow for recovery and recycle of this material.  The price of virgin PET is much lower and recycled bottle chip, from water bottles, is even lower.  That leaves no room to make a profit for recyclers of PET carpet.(more…)

Goodbye My House, Part 6

May 6, 2014

Living in a vinyl world

006Yes, it is true, there are many advantages to vinyl flooring. I dropped a glass in the kitchen this morning, and it bounced, instead of breaking.

Something  went  wrong with the shower last week, and a pool of water sat on the floor all day long. No harm done.

I’m sure that its indestructible nature, coupled with price, has much to do with the fact that vinyl sales in our country are at an all-time high.  Most telling are the marketing dollars being spent by Forbo – a world leader in natural linoleum – on its new, unnatural vinyl. It seems that everyone wants a piece of this action, except for me. (more…)

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Installers Need Training, Too

YouTube Preview Image

The best hardwood floors come from companies that ensure continuous training

This video from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) gives a quick overview of a recent, week-long class for hardwood flooring installers. This session was attended by the quality control manager for Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors, which sends employees to these classes regularly. Schumacher installs hardwood for Carpetland Carpet One and Buddy’s Flooring America.


June 29, 2014 See All Videos

Featured Blogs

Singing Some Bamboo Blues

July 17, 2014

How can a floor that was supposed to be more stable start curling?

VGN-swatchQ: I have a vertical grain bamboo floor that I was told would be stronger and more stable than hardwood. After it was in for a few weeks, some of the boards started curling upward at the ends. I was told there was too much humidity in my home, so I turned off the humidifier.

Now, the boards are shrinking and leaving gaps. I am very disappointed because I did my research and purchased a brand that was supposed to be the leader in quality. Can you shed any light on whether this is a common problem or an isolated incident?

A: You are not alone. While I would not call your situation a common problem, it is not an isolated incident. (more…)

We Call It Gap Season

January 25, 2014

Wintertime’s dry air means special precautions for hardwood floors

030Q.  I had solid Red Oak select installed throughout my first floor last summer. It was sanded and  finished with low-VOC waterborne polyurethane on site. It was absolutely perfect.

But now that winter is here, there are spaces between the boards. Is it possible that I was sold inferior wood?

A. Gaps between floor boards are common in the wintertime. Your installer should have told you that you have to control the humidity in your home to prevent inordinate gapping. In fact, most hardwood manufacturers recommend maintaining your indoor environment at 40 to 60 percent humidity year-round. (more…)

Seam Scrutiny

June 3, 2013

Properly done, seams should not be an issue in linoleum installation

Forbo QA1Q. We are remodeling an older home and I was “sold” on Marmoleum, until I kept coming across questions about repairing seams which have buckled.

I want to use it in the bathroom floors, but I am really hesitant since reading all these questions about repairing the seams.

Have you had questions on this and/or how do you feel about using Marmoleum in the bathrooms?

Many thanks!

–  LM

Sequim, WA

A. Dear LM:

If you are using Marmoleum sheet goods that are installed by a contractor who is properly trained, you should have no problems with seams that need repair. (more…)

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