When Wool Works

When Wool Works

Toledo customer wanted a planet-friendly product that also offered healthier indoor air

Ordering and installing Nature’s Carpet “felt great for a number of reasons,” says Julee, who now has “Clearwater,” part of the “Dark Green” line, in her home in Holland, OH. She found the carpet at Carpets by Otto, which has several locations in the Toledo area.

The “Dark Green” line from Nature’s Carpet is made from New Zealand Wool, with no synthetic materials or chemical additives. Julee wanted a product that was good for the planet and would not emit chemicals in her home.

“After having lots of negative symptoms with new carpeting, I was wonderfully surprised at the lack of odor with Nature’s Carpet, which means, of course, there were no chemicals to off-gas,” she says. “I purchased the wool felt padding as well. For the first time in my life, there literally was no odor from the carpet. With my chemical sensitivities, I had zero problems with the carpet. It was a true Godsend.”

The carpet, she says, is “soft and warm and beautiful. The look and feel of it was an added bonus to the health benefits for me and my family. My health and well being are very important to me and Nature’s Carpet was a wonderful addition to my home.”

While New Zealand Wool is among the most resilient fibers a carpet and be made of, and the Dark Green line is all-natural and biodegradable, the cost is comparable to traditional wool carpets, which contain chemicals and synthetics, says Alan Woody, general manager at Carpets by Otto. Nature’s Carpet also offers the “Medium Green” and “Light Green” lines, which do contain some chemical treatments like mothproofing, and plastic backings.

“Nature’s Carpet products range from under five dollars a square foot up to over twenty dollars, and those prices tend to be fairly comparable to similar carpets from our other wool lines,” Woody says.  “Of course, the added value of being able to enjoy your home without suffering allergic reactions is probably priceless to someone with chemical sensitivities.

And, he says, “Nobody else is offering the same features and benefits at any price.” ©

For more information on this installation, contact Carpets by Otto at mail@carpetsbyotto.com or (419) 872-0400.

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