Artcomfort Has Arrived

Artcomfort Has Arrived

New cork products from Wicanders look like ceramic, stone and wood

Why make cork flooring that looks like ceramic tile or wood?

Obviously to expand the uses for cork, which unlike tile, is warm and comfortable to walk on. The new Artcomfort and Woodcomfort lines from Wicanders manage to do this without using plastics or synthetics to create the pattern.

First publicized in April, see Cork 2012-Style, product displays are now available and have just arriving at retail locations.Here is the product’s Natural Interiors® Scorecard:

Wicanders Cork

 GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification

May contribute to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) EQ Credit 4.3 Low-emitting materials


 Harvested about every 9 to 11 years, cork is a renewable resource. Better for the Planet designation granted without certification.

Contains pre-consumer recycled content

May contribute to MR Credit 4.0 Recycled Content; MR Credit 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Material

Made in Portugal

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