Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid

A mainstay for natural household cleaning, lemons now are being promoted to combat high cholesterol, and possibly, cancer

DSC_0003There’s a recommendation circulating the Internet to keep organic lemons in the freezer and grate them onto your foods.

This recipe follows an array of published claims that lemons are antiviral, antibacterial and an emerging anti-cancer weapon. Though some of the latest claims are not valid, an investigation by www.snopes.com has clarified that some preliminary studies do point to health benefits.

“Recent studies have further shown that limonoids inhibit the development of cancer in laboratory animals and in human breast cancer cells as well as reducing cholesterol,” the investigation found.

Researchers also have suggested that limonoids are not absorbed in the large intestine, allowing them to be distributed throughout the body, according to the article you can  read here.

DSC_0005If you want to join the lemon craze, this recipe is easier than grating through the frozen peels: Wash three organic lemons thoroughly, slice them, then puree in a blender. Include the peel and seeds. Then spread into an ice cube tray and freeze. You can then use the cubes in water or smoothies any time you wish.

And yes, if you cut some extra, you can DSC_0002add the peel to white vinegar, soak and strain, and use the fluid as a natural cleaner. Orange peel works well, too.

Caution: Don’t use this cleaner on porous surfaces. And if you want to use it on hardwood floors, first dilute to five parts water, one part vinegar, or you could remove the floor’s finish. ©


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