It’s New. But You Still Need a Realtor.

It’s New. But You Still Need a Realtor.

So you have thought it through, and new construction is the way you want to solve your need for a larger home that has a dedicated office and several other features you require.

This decision does mean that you won’t be racing to attend showings as soon as a home hits the market and quickly make offers. But it does not mean that you don’t need a Realtor.

Choosing a builder simply based on an advertisement or recommendation doesn’t mean that builder builds homes in your price range or the area of town you want to live in. Nor does it mean the company will offer features — from floor plans to healthful flooring and finishes — that you approve of.

Virtually every builder in Southwest Ohio now installs high-efficiency HVAC systems. What if you want to go the heat pump route, use solar panels or even consider geothermal energy? A knowledgeable Realtor — preferably one with National Association of Realtors (NAR) Green Designation — will be able to help you quickly narrow the builder list.

This Realtor also will be able to review the third-party indoor-air quality and sustainability certifications of the insulation, countertops, flooring and other building products that the builder will be using in your home.

Of course, she or he also will help you with:

  • Supervising a home inspection: You do not want to skip a home inspection just because it’s a new home. There often are new-home defects to investigate just as there are in the resale environment, so it’s important to push for and schedule an inspection.
  • Making lender recommendations: Builders typically have a “preferred” lender. But it’s important that the mortgage you have works best for your situation, so it’s important to be able to see what others are offering.
  • Negotiating extras: Upgraded appliances, countertops and other items usually are options builders offer. Your agent can help you negotiate, if there is room for movement, or assist in communicating if you want to change something, such as the paint.

New construction involves a series of deadlines, and delays are common. Your Realtor can set realistic expectations and help you plan accordingly.

The builder’s sales consultant is likely to be very knowledgeable, helpful and likable. But remember, he or she represents the builder.

You need a Realtor who will represent you. 

And, you should tell the builder who is representing you during your very first conversation.

 N. Carol Kibbee, an Ohio Realtor, writes about sustainable and healthful homes and other industry topics. Contact her at

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