Wellness and Water: How Does a Builder Choose?

Wellness and Water: How Does a Builder Choose?

When Leslie Aberlin, president of Pendragon Homes, first started building at Aberlin Springs — her wellness-focused agri-community near Lebanon, Ohio, — the information she needed for things like geothermal and solar energy was available and fairly clear-cut.

But choosing which whole-home water filtration system to offer was a more complicated decision. Most of the systems we know about use reverse osmosis and relatively small canisters containing filters. They’ve been shown to remove various heavy metals and toxins, but contaminants vary from location to location.These systems can leave water with an acidic PH, and it’s not clear how long the filters last before needing replacement. 

While bottled water has become a solution for many of us, it might not be safe. A recent study found that bottled water, much of which comes from municipal water plants before it is treated and bottled, contains nano-plastics, whether bottled in glass or plastic. 

“The main, well-known problem with reverse osmosis is that it removes needed minerals from the water, making it acidic,” Aberlin says. “So, you have to re-mineralize the body, and most people don’t know how to do that correctly, or even know that they need to.”

While Leslie was still trying to choose a system, Tomas Englert, distributor of Water X in Cincinnati, Ohio, showed up at an Aberlin Springs open house. He told Leslie about his customizable tank systems containing multimedia layers of organic materials that filter out lead, fluoride and a multitude of other contaminants, while maintaining alkalinity and eliminating the need for water-softening systems. 

“They also can provide third-party proof of the effectiveness of their system,” Aberlin says.

Her decision was made. 

The proof of repeat business

That was about four years ago, when Lori Wedig lived at Aberlin Springs in a home equipped with a Water X system. 

Aberlin Springs, in Union Township Warren County, offers whole-home water purification; an onsite farm for fresh, organic produce; geothermal and solar power, which reduce energy bills; proper indoor ventilation; and, low-VOC paints and interior finishes.

The development began in 2018, and there are 55 lots left. Homes range from patio-home-like spaces to manors and estates. Accessory dwellings are even a standard option.

Lori Wedig (left front), husband, Mike, daughter, Jesse Collins and grandson, Jansen Collins, stand near their Water X system during a walkthrough of their new home with Pendragon Builders President Leslie Aberlin (right front) and Water X Distributor Tomas Englert.

Wedig is now having Pendragon build her another home — in a secluded area of Blanchester, Ohio, where she will live with her husband, Mike, daughter, Jesse Collins, and grandson Jansen Collins. Installing a new Water X system there was at the top of Wedig’s list of requirements.

Water X is a superior, customer-focused company that provides “Really good, really clean water,” Wedig says. “It takes out all the impurities and hardness.”

Does she know this from the third-party test results? Yes, she says. But she also has another test — her very precise, high-end coffee maker that sets off an alert if the water is not at the correct PH level.

“I enjoy perfect coffee,” Wedig says. “But I also have health concerns. Truly clean water is a basic need.”

What is Water X?

Englert, whose background was in architecture, started developing his Water X business more than a decade ago, when his wife kept getting rashes, and the veterinarian told them their cat had cancer.

Englert suspected the problem was in their water — not just in drinking it, but in bathing in it. Contaminants in water can be absorbed through the skin. And while municipal water-treatment facilities treat water, they also add chemicals to keep pipes from rusting.

“If you’re not filtering the contaminants out of the water, your liver and kidneys have to do the job,” Englert says. “There’s only so long they can handle that.”

Once Englert partnered with Water X, he says his family’s medical problems went away.

Water X uses tanks, not canisters, filled with layers of media, not plastic filters, that include organic coconut shell carbon. The size of the tank and the layers used depend upon the size of the home, water usage and specific contaminants.

The Water X company also makes groundwater filtration systems, for those concerned about contaminants in stormwater runoff. In addition to homeowners like Wedig, Water X systems are highly sought by coffee shops.

“We are filtering water in layers, like the Earth’s layers,” Englert says. “The goal is simple: To restore water to its natural purity.”

Like all of the wellness features at Aberlin Springs, Water X seems to be one of Greater Cincinnati’s best-kept secrets. We think that will change. ©

For more information, email contact@naturalinteriors.com or text or call (513) 200-9471.

For a tour of Aberlin Springs, call wellness-focused Realtor N. Carol Kibbee, (513) 496-5037. Mention coupon code Wellness11 when speaking with the builder’s staff.

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