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Retailer claims to clear air of dust, irritants and mold with its industry-first Healthier Living™ Carpet Installation system  “We’re not going to get done in time,” the carpet installer yelled to his boss on his cell phone after his crew removed the old carpet from my house 13 years ago. “This guy wants to vacuum everything, and he won’t let us get in there.” The carpet installation crew was behind schedule because my husband insisted on vacuuming the subfloor. The old carpet had been there since the house was built. Dust, dirt, wood shavings, construction debris and tell-tale signs of the former owner’s dog were hidden beneath it. The way carpet is installed and maintained has a big impact on indoor-air quality. Even if there is no construction debris under the old carpet, an army of irritants and allergens can become airborne when old carpet is removed, and new carpet is brought in. And if any spills have made their way through the carpet, mildew and mold also might be taking hold of the subfloor.