About Us

Natural Interiors®: Where Everybody Understands People- and Planet-Friendly Design

Natural Interiors® is a network of product suppliers, contractors, designers and service providers who are experienced in people- and planet-friendly flooring, cabinetry, furnishings, finishes and healthful building practices.

Whether you’re working on project with a green-building certification — such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) — or simply trying to create an inviting home, room addition or makeover with safe, nontoxic and sustainable materials, we can help.

Since 2001, Natural Interiors®, owned by Green Building Resources LLC, has worked with products that have third-party environmental certifications. Although the green building products industry originally focused on products like bamboo, cork and insulation made from blue jeans, today’s certified products span across all mainstream lines — from hardwood, to vinyl, to formaldehyde-free upholstery, zero-VOC carpet, paint and more.

Do you know if the new cabinets you’re considering meet new, national formaldehyde rules? Are you considering a hardwood floor that has a nano-finish? Get all the facts first. Or, are you shopping for or building a new home? Have you or your realtor asked whether it will contain possibly toxic spray-foam insulation?

It’s natural to want simple answers. It’s not natural when simple answers get complicated, and they don’t have to. Natural Interiors® can help. Read more about our services here, call (513) 200-9471 for more information, or contact us through our online form here.