Pregnant and Painting

Pregnant and Painting

When are pigments dangerous?

Q. I just read your article titled “Part Three: The Problem with Paint” published on January 19th, 2011. I have two questions: You had interviewed the owner of Earth Paint, Inc. and he said that “pigments used to color paint should be chosen carefully as the dust from raw earth pigments is often more toxic than synthetic pigments.”

Is there any way to find out what kind of pigments they use in AFM Safecoat paints? Please advise. I am pregnant and we are planning to paint our house next week and any information you can provide will help us make our decision about which paint to buy.

Also, AFM Safecoat has two kinds of paint: Their regular Safecoat and their new AFM Naturals. Which is better?

A.  AFM and its dealers use special zero-VOC liquid machine colorants, eliminating the risk of any dust exposure. Unless you are actually mixing dry powder pigments yourself, pigment dust ingestion or inhalation could only occur if you are sanding previously painted surfaces in preparation for a new paint job. Wet sanding and a painter’s mask are recommended to avoid this still unlikely exposure.

AFM is constantly pushing the manufacturing envelope to achieve maximum health benefits as well as moving toward more natural and sustainable formulas. Safecoat waterbased paints have been used for 30 years by folks with chemical sensitivities and others who wanted the safest materials in their homes and offices. AFM’s Natural plant oil paint takes a page from its waterbased formulation in terms of its health benefits but augments that by using plant oils as the foundation of the formula. They are getting excellent results with both products.

While there is nothing toxic in the Safecoat paints, and while they do not make a specific recommendation in this regard, many pregnant women are very sensitive and it is just common sense to ask someone else to do the job if at all possible.©


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