A Question of Cork Comfort

A Question of Cork Comfort

What do ceramic nano beads mean for softness underfoot?

 005Q. I am puzzled about the ceramic bead layers advertised as being part of the finish on Wicanders Cork Flooring. Does this add considerable hardness to the cork surface?  I’m seeing the comfort aspect of cork, and am actually replacing ceramic tile with the cork – so I don’t want to replace hard ceramic with hard ceramic!

A. The ceramic beads are crystals that are embedded in the layers of the UV- cured urethane finish that is topically applied at the plant during the final stages of the manufacturing process. These tiny microscopic particles do not add to the hardness of the cork, but rather to the long-term wear-ability of the finish.

011The ceramic beads are very hard and durable, very similar to that of a diamond. Without these particles, the tendency is to 009wear through a finish much faster than a floor that has the ceramic beads in it.

A good example I share is in the auto industry. Lexus has utilized their Pearl Coat finish on their premium cars for over a decade. If you look at the finish on a pearl coat Lexus finish after 10 years it still looks excellent, conversely the finish on a Chevy premium car after 10 years will be visiting Earl Scheib for a touch up before the car is offered for resale.

Tim Tompkins

National Marketing Manager


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