A ‘Storie’ of Love

A ‘Storie’ of Love

Designer Rosemary Storie found the perfect hardwood floor to showcase the furniture and artwork she loves

195“This is how you do it.” Rosemary Storie, an Anderson Township, OH, designer, never suggests that her clients spend a lot of money to accomplish logical goals. Instead, she shows them how to make use of simple objects, sometimes objects they already have.

Take, for example, the table in her newly remodeled kitchen. Storie, owner of Southern Interiors, made it from a planter she bought at a home center, then added a glass top.

“Creating the perfect aesthetic means thought and creativity, not necessarily running out and spending a lot of money,” Storie says.

183And a lot of thought went into her new hardwood flooring. Storie wanted a regional product, one that was manufactured within 500 miles.

She also wanted planks that were not all the same width, and needed enough prefinished color selections to find just the right hue to complement her furniture and artwork, which range from contemporary to antiques.

Her choice:  Chelsea Plank in hickory. From the entryway, into the kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom and down the stairs, this sleek floor offers a classic darks stained color. But the mixed width 189flooring also is a perfect match. It almost tells you to look out for an occasional unexpected or particularly creative object.

Storie’s office table, made of an antique, refinished base is one of several. The top is made of tile, which 177again, she made herself. But if you want a real surprise, walk into the master bedroom and observe the height of her bed.

From classic to modern, Storie says she now loves the feel of her home,  pulled together with a handsome floor, expertly installed by very patient and respectful contractors.

“This is how you do it,” she says.©



Reach Southern Interiors at (859) 512-2985.

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