2015: Shades of Grey

2015: Shades of Grey

This achromatic, non-color is a trending choice for floors and walls

032Utility grade Maple, stained with a water-based, custom color;

It’s low-VOC, indoor-air friendly, and it looks just like no other.

These are all cool things the Yoga Bar’s owner can say,But a lot of today’s floors are simply trending grey.






An intermediate hue, between black and white;

It is said to be colorless, like a cloud-covered kite.

Survey respondents called it indifferent, old and boring;

But floor after floor, this non-color is scoring.

It afforded perfect balance in this master bath design;

Neither masculine, nor feminine, nor dainty, nor divine.

The customer was thrilled and said it was the best thing she could do;“The colors have to fit; it’s my husband’s bathroom too.”






Try grey on Yellow Birch, if you think it’s bland or achromatic;

Depending on the lighting, many shades appear like magic.

There may be hints of yellow, or even pink or blue;

But look again, and you will see, grey anchors and stays true. ©


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