Revived and Ready

Revived and Ready

Flooring restoration and replacement at The Transept was mindful of the historic character of St. John’s Church

IMG_0434 Transept1There is a natural appeal to something that can be restored instead of replaced.

So the second floor of The Transept building in downtown Cincinnati, where the original pine floor was patched with materials salvaged onsite, gets extra points. Formerly St. John’s Church, built in 1814, The Transept is now a grand venue for weddings, special gatherings, receptions and meetings – brought to Cincinnati by Funky’s Catering.

IMG_0465Transept 17

The basement, first and third floors required new hardwood floors, and utility Red Oak strip was used. Then, all floors were refinished with the original building in mind.

“We did not sand the floor flat, but rather, buffed the surface to groom the face of the wood with the intent to retain the board-to-board undulation and aid IMG_0445Transept 5in the purposeful character and built-in age,” says one of the workmen. “The effort was made so the floor did not look new and pristine. It was intended to look aged and worn to coordinate with the age of the building.”

St. John’s was the first German-American congregation in Cincinnati. The architecture is German Gothic and IMG_0447Transept 7includes 50-foot vaulted ceilings, stained glass and ornate details.

Creating the worn look of the flooring also included staining and finishing with paste wax. ©

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